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Learn Handgun & Rifle Reloading
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(Say one purchaser of the Muzzleloading Reloading Two Pack)
I have been hand loading for years and mainly bought the DVD's for the muzzleloading disc.
I have only recently bought a muzzle loader and it is all new to me,I cannot express how satisfied I am with this item, the step by step instruction and demonstrations were concise and informative without being condesending.
I will definitely be giving a great feedback, this small note is only because I cannot fit this amount of praise for the product in the small allotment for feedback.

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Find out if you want to put together a muzzleloader from a kit

*Barrel Preparation

*Stock Preparation


Learn How-to Cast your own bullets

*What is the one lead source you should never use!

Find out what accessories you'll need to use the muzzleloader

Powder: Pyrodex or Black Powder

What a Muzzleloading cannon can teach you

Learn about Rifle Twist

*How does it affect conical and round balls.

Covers Side Eared and Inline Percussion Guns

*Although Flintlock ignition is not covered most of the material presented applies equally well to Flintlock guns.

Sighting in your Muzzleloader

Eye and Ear Protection

And More!

Brand New Video on DVD: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Only $23.95 plus shipping

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This is the two Pack


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Learn Handgun &Rifle Reloading


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